The Animals At Woodlands

We love all our animals on the farm, they are part of the Woodlands Manor Farm family. Come and meet them all on the Feed the Animals tour with Ruth, which is held on Wednesday and Sunday mornings.


Bailey and Guest's Dogs

We love Dogs at Woodlands - this is Bailey our Bernadoddle. All well behaved dogs are allowed but please be aware that there are animals on the farm, so please keep your dog on a lead near the farm animals. And, please review our dog rules before you arrive, they are for everyones safety - especially the dogs 🙂
Dog Safety Rules
horses at woodlands manor farm

Horses - Pringle

Horses Pringle Pringle wins the cheekiest (and most handsome) animal on the farm award, hands down. He is a very special pure Dartmoor pony who lived the first 6 months of his life with the herd and his mum on the moors. He has been with us since he is 2 and is known to pick up anything that isn’t locked down, knock down fences, just sit down when he doesn’t want to be ridden anymore and wind up every other animal on the farm with his playful antics.

Horses - Lulu

Lulu is the kindest, sweetest mini pony you will ever meet. She never tires of meeting little people, loves to be groomed and made a fuss of. Lulu particularly loves the summer season, as she enjoys the pony experience sessions, where she gets to be made extremely beautiful and go on walks with the children.
horses at woodlands manor farm

Horses - Merlin

Merlin is the elder statesman of the herd and the boss. As a Welsh Cob he is a lovely boy but can be a little bit grumpy if not fed first or given the respect he deserves. His favourite pastime is galloping through fields, that is when he is at his happiest.
horses at woodlands manor farm

Horses - Lady

Lady is the baby of the group and is going to be broken in Summer 2023. She is the one who loves cuddles and kisses and is always a firm favourite with the children. When any of the others leave the filed (for a ride) she will be seen running around calling for them to return.
the animals at woodlands farm

The Goats

Zap and Sparky are pygmy goat that live alongside the horses, chickens and the cat. They are often seen playing chase in the field and love the feed the animals routine with guests, where they get lots of fuss and are fed by hand.

The Sheep

Cutie Pie, Little Z, Twinkle and Rosario - Cutie Pie is one of the 2022 lambs that we have kept. As the name suggests she was the cutest of a very cute bunch. Little Z has always been the odd one out and we love her for it. She has always been super shy but since having her first baby Twinkle in 2022 her personality has shone through, and she is now a very happy and content lady. Rosario is a survivor. She got stuck during birth, but we managed to pull her out just in time and then was hand reared, hence she is more like a dog than a typical ewe.
alpacas at woodlands manor farm

The Alpacas

Our three amigos Alpacas called Napoleon, Henry and Erebus are the most inquisitive animals on the farm. Never ones to miss out on anything they will come over and say hello and see if you have any carrots (finely cut as they only have bottom teeth and likely to choke). Napoleon is a Suri Alpaca and sports a very beautiful dreadlock fleece (when grown) and Erebus and Henry are Huacaya Alpacas and look more like massive teddy bears. We hope to do walking with the Alpaca’s very soon so ask how their training is going when you visit.
kune pigs

The Kune Kune Pigs

Lucas and Layla are brother and sister and firm favourites on the feed the animal rounds. They are playful, kind and love a tummy tickle or a mud bath in summer. Lucas is very good at escaping from his pen to make his way over to the longer grass in the horse field and Layla lets him go quite happily and enjoys the peace and quiet for a while.
animals at woodland manor farm

Growler the Cat

Growler the Cat Growler the cat adopted us in 2022. He made his way over from a nearby farm, where he was living in a barn and has been spoilt rotten (for a barn cat) ever since. He loves his status as chief ratter but most of all he loves fuss and sitting on peoples laps for cuddles. As part of the job description as chief ratter he is provided with a bed in the tack room, 2 meals a day and flea / worm treatments – he is a very happy cat.

The Rabbits

Ralf is a Mini Lop and Molly is a Lion Lop. They are the best of friends and at night they sleep curled around one another having bunny dreams. We are convinced that Ralf is the brother of Peter Rabbit, as he loves carrots and spends most of his time digging and hatching plans to escape into the allotment and eat our vegetables.

The Chickens

A mix of Barred Rocks and Columbian Blacktails the chickens can be found roaming the farm during the day. They have learnt that people are likely to give them treats so can often be seen following people around or trying to join BBQ’s when you least expect it.